EC 135 Helicopter

Experience the pinnacle of airborne excellence with helicopters in Greece. The Airbus H135, an exemplary lightweight twin-engine helicopter, continues to set the standard in its class with exceptional performance and remarkable features.

Crafted to thrive in challenging environments, it offers an extensive mission range while prioritizing safety and efficiency, making it ideal for helicopters in Greece. Passengers experience seamless travel with its advanced main rotor and safety-focused shrouded tail rotor.

Effortless boarding is ensured with its spacious side sliding doors, complemented by rear clamshell doors for easy luggage access, enhancing travel convenience. Additionally, its design maximizes external visibility, providing passengers with breathtaking views throughout the journey.

Experience the excellence of helicopters in Greece with the Airbus H135.

The H135 provides a serene flight environment with minimal sound and vibration, guaranteeing comfort for all on board. Moreover, it surpasses expectations by combining speed, safety, and comfort for an unparalleled airborne adventure.

Experience the beauty of Greece like never before with our helicopter services, featuring the EC135. Revel in unparalleled comfort, safety, and breathtaking aerial vistas as you glide above the iconic landscapes of Greece.

Basic Specifications of EC 135

  • Configuration:        up to 5 passengers + 1 pilot
  • Cruising speed:    254 km/h
  • Powerplant:            2 Engines
  • Luggage compartment dimensions: Large luggage space compartment for your luggage needs, 120 x 65 x 90cm. Five Standard Suitcases.
  • Max Speed: 300 km/h
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