Special Flight Requests

Heli Air Greece can accommodate any special flight requests or provide an extra level of care that you may have, from limousine pickup to surprise flower bouquet

Greece is one of the richest countries in the number of amazing and unique getaways. Some of the most beautiful Greek destinations are also in most difficult places to reach. It can be an ultra-exclusive luxury getaway or a remote spot of unspoiled beauty, but this experience is unique and lifelong. 

vip helicopter & Business Jet services

Heli Air Greece provides wide range of exclusive helicopter excursions that are perfect gift for those who want to explore and open the faraway places that most people will never see.

We invite you to visit the places where the best memories happen! 

Give yourself the instinct of a researcher with Heli Air Greece

Our expert team can offer you luxurious and safe transportation to and from any unique getaway of Greece.

Contact us Online for a free quote or call +30 694 980 1111  to book your Unique Getaways today.

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