Agusta A109 AII


Agusta A109 AII is a high performance luxurious helicopter with twin engine. It is equipped with emergency floats fix provisions, a leather seated interior, cabin heat & defog, and fully air-conditioned cabin.

Agusta 109 is one of the fastest commercial helicopters in Greece. What makes it ideal for covering long distances between the islands, as well as other greek destinations. In addition, it has two engines and two separate flight control hydraulic systems. In other words, it guarantees the highest level of safety for your flight.

Basic Specifications of Agusta A109 AII

  • Configuration:        up to 5 passengers + 1 crew
  • Max. Cruising speed:    140 knots
  • Range:                    380nm
  • Engine:                  ROLLS ROYCE 250 C20R
  • Luggage:               2/3 medium suitcases and 2/3 bags
  • Max speed:            285 km/h
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