Airbus H135

Introducing the ACH135, a twin-engine Airbus helicopter manufactured in 2023, featuring air-conditioning and a flotation system. This sophisticated aircraft offers an elegant atmosphere, excellent visibility, and luxurious leather seats, ensuring a relaxing journey. Perfect for families or groups of friends, the Airbus ACH135 is an ideal choice for seamless helicopter flights between the enchanting Greek islands or from the mainland to any island.

Experience the perfect blend of safety, exceptional performance, enduring reliability, and refined elegance that the ACH135, an Airbus helicopter, brings to the skies. Elevate your helicopter flights beyond expectations as you soar over the stunning landscapes of Greece, making every journey a memorable adventure. Discover the convenience and comfort of traveling with your loved ones, creating unforgettable moments as you explore the beauty of the Greek islands aboard this exceptional Airbus helicopter. Whether it’s a scenic tour or a swift transfer, the ACH135 ensures a premium and enjoyable flying experience with the renowned quality of Airbus technology.

Basic Specifications of H135 helicopter

  • Configuration: 6 VIP seating (excluding infants)
  • Max. cruising speed: 139 knots (257 km/h)
  • Engine: 2 SAFRAN ARRIUS 2B2 Plus
  • Lugguge compartment dimensions: Height start front 45- end 60cm Depth start front 110- middle 100- ends back 73cm Length 130cm
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