• How can I book a flight?
    • Just get in touch with us by Email or fill out the request form to get a quotation and availability.

      If you agree you confirm the offer by Email with full names and passport numbers of all passengers and the desired payment method – You will receive a confirmation from us with all the details as well a Credit Card Authorisation Form (If payment shall be trough CC). In any case the total amount has to be paid before flight!

      For details please take a look at our Terms & Conditions.

  • What are your payment methods for the flight?
      1. Bank transfer. You can transfer money directly into our bank account. Keep in mind that the transfer costs of the transaction will have to be paid by you.
        IBAN: GR6001727060005706087359156
      2. Credit Card Payment. Pay in advance and securely via EveryPay secure e-commerce platform using all major credit/debit cards.

  • What if my flight is cancelled?
    • Reasons for a cancellation might be weather- or technical caused problems as well unexpected restriction from the authorities.
      In this case you can reschedule the flight or – if this is not possible – the total amount will be refund.

      For details please take a look at our Payment / Privacy Policy

  • Can a helicopter land anywhere?
    • Almost anywhere with land owner’s permission, not in populated areas and respecting the privacy of the nearby residents.

  • Are there any restrictions in helicopter flights in Greece?
    • We are allowed to fly only during daylight (from sunrise to sunset).

  • How soon can a helicopter take off after the booking of a flight?
    • When you book a flight, a helicopter can be ready to take off in about 30 minutes from the base.
      Due to high demand of flights during the summer months it is recommended to book as early as possible.